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RGB to HDMI converter and upscaler by Extron. Other very similar devices in the same series are the HDMI-RGB 300 (lacking analog audio input) and RGB-DVI 300 (DVI instead of HDMI and no analog audio).


Final known firmware for all RGB 300 series devices is 1.16, with a build date of 2014-08-08.

Updating firmware

You need:

  1. RS-232 data cable (ideally something official, I used a USB to serial DB9 dongle, then jumper wires from pin 2 to TX, pin 3 to RX and pin 5 to GND)
  2. The firmware loader application, FirmwareLoader_v5x3.exe
  3. The installer for the firmware blob, rgb300_series_FW1x16.exe

Extron doesn't allow end users to download software from their website.


Input device Result Notes
MIST works SNES core NTSC small issues - bit of flicker+scanlines blend in. Other cores seem ok.
Voodoo3 works