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Hungarian stew.

Modified home-style Gulyás recipe

Cut beef into large cubes. The size is important as otherwise they cook too fast when browning. Let the meat rest until it's at room temperature. Pre-heat large stainless steel skillet at medium-high heat. Add clarified butter to skillet and tilt to cover entire surface. Add beef cubes and brown from all sides, but make sure to always wait until it releases from the bottom of the skillet. Reduce heat to medium-low, sprinkle with ground black pepper and stir. Cover meat with hot and sweet dried paprika spice, Pul Biber, cumin, half the garlic and stir. Deglace with red wine, making sure to scrub everything that's sticking to the bottom of the skillet. Add onions and some chicken stock. Don't add too much as about 2/3 of each beef cube should *not* be covered by liquid. Add a bit of salt. Cover and braise for at least 2 hours. Check every 30 minutes and add more chicken stock if necessary. For the final 30 minutes add the remaining garlic, some lemon zest and the bell peppers. The bell peppers will release water which should result in the optimum amount of sauce and consistency. Add salt to taste.