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DOS Version

Included with Earthworm Jim 2's initial release. Same soundtrack/content as Mega CD version, but up'd some screens/sprites with higher color count.


Key Action
F1 Scroll fix for Tsen9300 video card
F2 Adjust framerate (reset when restarting game)
F3 Toggle 240/200 pixels vertical resolution (retained when restarting game)
F4 Restore default controls
P Pause
M Music on/off
S Sound effects on/off
J Joypad on/off
R Joypad calibration
Esc Return to title screen
Alt+X Exit to DOS



  • No redbook audio with shscdux. Works with mscdex.
  • Frametime issues (slight microstutter, tested with P2 400, Voodoo 3, SB AWE32, mtrrlfbe enabled/disabled)
  • When launched directly in Windows 98 SE, it keeps ejecting the CD. Disabling autoplay doesn't help - need to test if it only happens with DVD drives.


  • Setup options: Sound Blaster, Sound Blaster 2.01, Sound Blaster Pro, Pro Audio Spectrum, Pro Audio Spectrum+, Windows Sound System. IRQ and DMA are selectable.
  • Redbook audio


There are no patches for this release.