Stereo Cassette-Corder WM-D3

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Relatively small model in the Walkman Professional range released in 1985.

Supports Dolby B noise reduction and is able to play Type I, II and IV tapes. Recording is only possible to types I and II. Originally came packaged with headphones, clip-on mic and carrying case.

Basic restoration

This Walkman uses the "disc drive" mechanism like the non-pro "WM-DD*" models. Most, if not all, now have a cracked center gear (part no. X-3578-142-0). The plastic gear is attached to a metal ring and, as the plastic gear shrinks over time, it will eventually crack. The symptoms include a very noticeable clicking sound during any operation.

Additionally, the small gear (part no. 3-331-641-01) that's attached to one of the reels and drives the counter belt is also often cracked, leading to noise and high W&F. That counter belt typically needs to be replaced also, unless you don't care about the counter. It's not critical for operation.

Other rubber parts may also need to be replaced depending on wear, especially the rubber tire attached to the capstan wheel.

Many other plastic parts that are attached to metal parts also like to crack. Often it's not a big problem and if really necessary can be fixed with glue.

New center gear fix kit, capstan rubber tire, small gear and counter belt are available from mihokm's ebay store as of 2019.

Tools needed

  • PH0 screw driver
  • Small flat-head screw driver
  • Soldering iron
  • Speed calibration tape or blank tape+quartz-controlled tapedeck/WM-D6(C)
  • Service manual (recommended for exploded views)